Conceiving utopia

by equalizing asymmetric information


Our Manifesto

Crowdsourcing a safer world

We believe that good and honest people vastly outnumber those who walk down a darker path in life, harming others for personal gain. We believe this is the case in every part of the world. The only difference there might be from place to place, is the amount of power, that a certain shadowy few hold over the kindhearted many. We hold this belief so strongly, that we are determined to utilise the integrity of good people all around the world, in order to counteract human suffering and injustice wherever we can. Our purpose is to create digital tools in this pursuit, making it as convenient as possible, for people to actively join the benevolent multitude of humankind, and help each other out.

We do this because we are convinced that knowledge is the only thing that can conquer evil and prevent anguish. All we ask of you, is to compassionately and effortlessly share your knowledge. To join a crowdsourced approach towards making our world a safer place, by ridding it of asymmetric information.



Applied Artificial Intelligence

for a more righteous world

Applications of AI are defined by the data that fuel them. Keeping AI righteous, and for beneficial purposes, can only be done by means of data ethics, human fail-safes, and a transparent implementation and execution, continuously aiming to improve the human condition. We call our approach "Parented AI", as we believe it is as must that AI in its current state of infancy, is treated as such. With care, caution, and attention, but also attuned to realising its full potential.


Crowdsourced cyber-threat prevention. 'Skepticism as a Service' empoweres users with AI as a reliable last line of defence.


Keeping safe and out of harms way in war-torn areas, with a unique AI-empowered peer2peer mobile geolocating warning system.

Do you want to make the world a better place?

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided