The agents of change

 that the world so desperately needs

HiveMined is inherently Scandinavian.

It is not simply a matter of location, it is a matter of mindset. Scandinavia is the world-leader when it comes to human rights, equality, happiness, work-life balance, and ethical standards. The Scandinavian culture is uniquely empathetic and communal —and the least corrupt in the world. Our private sector is among the top places in the world to do business, despite having the proportionately largest public sector. We trust our fellow human beings, and are proud of our transparent and trustworthy way of life —in business and in leisure.

But we didn't end up like this because we wanted to. We have simply learnt along the way, that a common interest is not only a greater good, it is also the best way to continually improve our society —towards increasingly satisfying conditions for both business and human wellbeing.

However we are usually very modest. Even to the point of being quite detrimental. Because if anything, what the world needs now, is our most important possible export: Righteousness.

Our values of truth and "big picture" priorities are in high demand. HiveMined exists to deliver exactly this kind af value to the world.

Actions speak louder than words.

For every for-profit project that we undertake, we also take on a non-profit project towards making the world a better place. When we took on the project of certifying righteous digital communication (a commercial project), we launched a humanitarian project right after: Empowering civilians in war zones with their own crowdsourced/peer2peer geolocating warning-system, protecting each other against violence and harm's way.

Our longsighted vision is to play a central role in the final battle against asymmetric information, and liberate humanity from our separated limitations.
With the emersion of BCIs (brain-computer interfaces), we believe brain-to-brain interfaces are the natural progression. In fact we believe this is the next step of our evolutionary ladder:

If you share this vision for an obtainable global utopia, where inequality and division are things of the past, we'd love your help in spreading the word on social media, with the hashtag #hiveminednow. If you have skills that can help us manifest this vision into reality, we'd absolutely love to hear from you.