Work fuled by passion

Passion fuled by purpose

We are a new breed of company that knows to our core, that true value-creation is all about helping people, in one way or another. A.I. is just the next big thing, in this regard and many others. This is why it is our responsibility to steer it in the right direction. Furthermore we strongly believe that optimal productivity, and the highest quality of work, comes from working towards a meaningful purpose, which for us is all about improving the human condition, where ever we relevantly can. This permeates our commercial products and services, but is the very premise of our non-profit projects. 


AI-powered refugee toolbox

Getting civilian refugees from A to B in the safest way possible, and providing a vastly optimised process for asylum seekers and nation states alike, by means of peer2peer geolocated warnings, and asylum case-handling via blockchain. 

Casualties due to the war in Syria alone, are amounting to over half a million people, over 55.000 of which are children (source). This atrocity must end. But with no clear end to the war in sight, we decided to aid the population with means to avoid danger as best as we could.

After conducting our preliminary research, we knew smartphones (and power to charge them) were largely prevalent. This was our opportunity. This is where we can make a difference. 

We are currently seeking funding to begin production of this AI-powered radar app, that will be better than the real thing, and for a vastly better cause.

Conventional radars are a costly affair, and once constructed, they are only able to survey the skies for air-traffic, not for any threats on the battlefield. Secondly, the military-intelligence gathered in this fashion is never used to warn civilians.
Our solution is double-sided – both a superior radar tool with broader applications, and a crowdsourced warning system for and by civilians on the ground. Our system will be able to gather intelligence (and warn) about these threats to civilian safety:

  • Airstrikes and long-range ballistics
  • Gunfights and violent mobs
  • IEDs and booby-traps

Users will be able to report any of these threats to personal safety, and based on machine-learning algorithms for authenticity and accuracy, other users with the same app installed on their phone receive warnings accordingly — by relevance to their geolocation and proximity of risk.

Please get in touch if you are an impact investor looking for a life-saving venture such as alRadar.


Skeptify® / StopSvindel.Nu

'Skepticism as a Service': AI-assisted proactive cyber-threat prevention

AI-empowered national prevention of cybercrime such as ransomware, phishing, CEO fraud, & social engineering in general. Crowdsourced big data, offers detection of 0-day cyber attacks and ICT fraud.
We offer the service across multiple platforms, where users can anonymously inquire about the legitimacy of any unsolicited communication they may receive.

Where traditional cybersecurity unsuccessfully attempts to remove the user from the risk equation, Skeptify introduces a new paradigm of "Skepticism as a Service", where users are provided tools that allow them to become an efficient and reliable last line of defence against any cyber-threats they are eventually faced with.

Organisationally speaking, Skeptify is an ISAC (information sharing- and analytics center). But to our users, we are simply known as a trusted helping hand in all cyber-matters — an emergency infosec guidance service — always there for them when and where they need us. 

Available (beta) for iOS, Microsoft Outlook, and via email ([email protected])

More information (in Danish) about the service in general is available via the link below: