Work fuled by passion

Passion fuled by purpose

We are a new breed of company that knows to our core, that true value-creation is all about helping people, in one way or another. Furthermore we believe the best work comes from working towards a meaningful purpose, which for us is all about improving the human condition. This permeates our commercial products and services, but is the very premise of our non-profit projects. 


Peer2peer civilian warning app

Civilian casualties due to the war in Syria alone, are amounting to over 470.000 people, over 55.000 of which are children (source). This atrocity must end. But with no clear end to the war in sight, we decided to aid the population with means to avoid danger as best as we could.

After conducting our preliminary research, we knew smartphones (and power to charge them) were largely prevalent. This was our opportunity. This is where we can make a difference. 

We are soon releasing a free crowdsourced radar app, that is better than the real thing, and for a vastly better cause.

Conventional radars are a costly affair, and once constructed, they are only able to survey the skies for air-traffic, not for any threats on the battlefield. Secondly, the military-intelligence gathered in this fashion is never used to warn civilians.
Our solution is double-sided – both a superior radar tool with broader applications, and a crowdsourced warning system for and by civilians on the ground. Our system will be able to gather intelligence (and warn) about these threats to civilian safety:

  • Airstrikes and long-range ballistics
  • Gunfights and violent mobs
  • IEDs and booby-traps

Users can report any of these threats to personal safety, and based on machine-learning algorithms for authenticity and accuracy, other users with the same app installed on their phone receive warnings accordingly — by relevance to their geolocation and proximity of risk.



Crowdsourced fraud elimination

In 2016 the financial exposure in Denmark due to digital fraud, increased by nine orders of magnitude compared to the year before. Every segment and sector of society was subject to defraudation. So we decided to make an exhaustive analysis of the current methods of detection, prevention, and case handling. Then we compared these insights to the developments in attack vectors that were propelling the problem to new heights.

Our findings revealed a number of issues that were ripe for improvement, which we implemented in one simple solution, serving vital interests of both consumers and corporations.

With our app installed, users will never again be in doubt about which emails and messages they can be sure to trust, and which they definitely shouldn't.

First and foremost, the most ground-braking feature in our app, is the integrated explicit authentication af trusted communications —completely integrated into the users' native mobile OS (and respective inboxes). Secondly, we have made it easy to report and/or receive instant feedback regarding the authenticity of any SMS or email. Vigilant citizens no longer have to figure out each and every email address they can report phishing emails to — now they have one central agency they can rely on, to fight back against the digital conmen for them. It's a modern-day grassroots movement for the digital era, fighting for transparency, financial security, and trustworthy communication.

More information (in Danish) about the service in general is available via the link below: